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Philip Hudgins as a Baby

Philip Hudgins was born in 1956

In the beginning

The 1950’s were a time of growth and development for the Dan River region in Southern Virginia. It was also a time period that began to shape the values and work ethic of one of Danville’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Tobacco and textiles were king in the region and most people earn all or a portion of their income via some connection with one of those industries. Philip was born into a working class family that struggled to get ahead. His father was employed by the city driving a truck until he lost an arm in a horrific accident. His mother worked third shift at Dan River Mills as a textile weaver.

Philip Hudgins Graduating

Philip Hudgins Graduating

Philip learned the value of a hard days work form both of his parents, and got a work permit at fifteen to begin work in the factory and a small drive up restaurant while struggling to finish his high school education.

Philip continued to work third shift at the textile mill where at 17 years of age he met and married his first wife of 35 years. They began their family together and he realized that the textile industry was not going to provide the level of income to support a wife and family, so Philip began work as a tire builder at Goodyear.

Working at Goodyear

Philip is a natural born leader and began honing those skills as a division chairman for the employees on the floor, while continuing to be one of the most productive tire builders in the history of the plant. Each day entering and leaving the plant Philip took note of the life long employees hobbled by years of hard work on concrete floors, that should have long since retired but were unable to, due to retirement needs and lack of sustainable income.

Goodyear Plant in Danville, VA

Goodyear Plant in Danville, VA

Philip Hudgins took a trip with his wife to the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC, and that trip would forever reshape the vision he had for himself and his family. It was at that moment he was forced to admit that the current path he was on would never carry him to the vision he had laid out for he and his family.

Time for a change

After ten years on the plant floor building tires, Philip began working a second job, but this time building a business of his own. Philip began building his own marketing organization in the insurance industry. Philip would work this business on nights and weekends and even though the going was slow in the beginning, within two years he was earning enough income part time to replace what he was earning full time as a tire builder. Then he made the biggest financial decision of his life, he quit his job at Goodyear and went full time in his relationship marketing company. Philip was on fire.

Philip begins having success

Philip begins having success

He combined his tireless work ethic with his ability to lead and inspire people, and quickly began earning income twice that of his factory job. He fulfilled his promise to his wife and they were able to create a situation where she could now become a stay at home mom.

Philip was growing as his business grew. He now had access to a wealth of information from some of the industries greatest minds, as well as books and audio information from historical authorities on growing your personal business and wealth. Philip was well on his way to putting in place the pieces of the life he had envisioned for his family almost 10 years before.

Philip Hudgins WorkingPhilip Hudgins WorkingPhilip Hudgins Working

Philip Hudgins at Work

Things were finally coming together for Philip when he was rushed to the hospital with a life threatening condition. Philip had nine major operations over the next few weeks and spent over a month in critical condition at times nearing death. By the grace and healing power of God his condition began to improve and after 59 days in the hospital he was released. That very day he went back to his business, but be it as it may, found he had no business to return to.

Creating the Vision

Philip had built an incredible business by leading and daily motivating his business associates, by being the passion they could all plug into, but it was at that point he knew he had failed in mentoring them to become independently motivated and empowered to drive their own businesses from the passion that lie in the hearts and minds of each one of them.

With success fresh in his mind he set out to build his business again and continued to fulfill the vision in his minds eye. This time he began with another company. Using all of the knowledge he had gained through listening to other teachers, and applying the lessons he had learned on his own, he began to emerge as one of the most capable builders and mentors in the Independent marketing side of the insurance industry.

Philip's Fans

Philip Enjoys Success

Philip had developed a marketing organization of his own that produced more income than the reaming leaders in this company combined. Philip had reached a milestone and a point of no return as he had made his first one million dollars in a year’s time. Philip soon reached a level of income on par with the owner of the company and they agreed that Philip had outgrown this particular marketing organization, and they two parted ways.

Philip to his surprise retained the majority of the organization he had built as his associates wanted to follow him into his next venture which saw him forming his own Independent Marketing Company with the help of two partners.

Philip’s track record of honesty, integrity, selflessness, and hard work, combined with his ability and willingness to mentor people and help them achieve their own personal goals, created a bond with people that he would not fully understand until sometime later.

Philip Hudgins and his partners

Philip Hudgins and his partners

Insurance Done Right

Philip along with his new partners quickly built one of the largest IMO’s in the insurance industry at the time. The success of this company allowed Philip to finish completing the work he had painted in his mind nearly twenty years before.

Not only did he and his partners create enormous success for themselves, but for the many of thousands of reps that were building their own marketing businesses under them.

He had reached a point where the joy of his work was no longer about his personal income but rather mentoring and providing an opportunity for people who were passionate about reaching their own goals.

Philip and friends

Philip and friends

Philip played a major role in producing several millionaires in his company, but what he is most proud of is the fact that he helped produce 1000’s of people earning between 100k and 999k a year in an industry where the average annual income was below 30k.

Philip helped create a company that was valued at over 100 million when he sold his third of the company. He then began to diversify his wealth through real estate and traditional businesses. He still had the drive to build businesses and was active in doing such, when he began receiving calls from former associates looking to reconnect with their mentor.

He then realized that he enjoyed the wealth that he had created, but his passion was in people and helping people not only dream, but to develop the courage to put a plan in place to make those dreams come true.

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